Frøya Fiks is an illustrated story and activity book for children ages 7 to 9. Through the narrative, Frøya Fiks grows into a strong, confident child when she discovers her ability to create solutions to the challenges in her life.

The readers follow the process of making physical projects through Frøya’s perspective. Frøya Fiks inspires children and boosts their self-confidence by challenging their problem-solving skills through hands-on activities.

The Character

Froya Fiks character



Frøya is the main character in a story and activity book for children age 7–9.

The Creator

Eivor Pedersen

Author, designer and illustrator

Eivor Pedersen grew up in Gildeskål, Norway, and started playing in her family’s woodshop at the age of five, establishing a lifelong affinity for design and creating things. She focused on typography as an undergraduate and studied in Brazil and Australia before coming to New York City in 2013.

This was one of the first boats I made. I did everything myself, sawing and hammering. I remember how much fun it was.

Kleiva was my grandfathers fishing boat. Here I am starting to get a little more creative. The green colour on the side is supposed to be algae and the red is fishblood.

Stina was the boat my grandfather had before I was born. I made if from a photo. and it does indeed look like the real boat.


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